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As a popular trend, customized wooden doors have become more and more popular, and the meaning of "customized" is gradually changing. Customization is no longer a symbol of luxury, but a lifestyle that emphasizes individuality

follow the trend and customize the meaning transformation

China's real estate industry drives the development of the wooden door industry. The 80 and 90 young people are not only the main consumer group of the real estate industry, but also the power consumer group of the wooden door industry. They have a strong sense of personalization and have their own unique feelings in the choice of products. Their requirements for wooden doors are no longer that good quality is OK, but that they have their own standards for decors, grades, styles and even the overall visual effects. Customized wooden doors can meet their individual needs to the greatest extent and show their own style

personalized customization has gradually become a trend. believes that if the wooden door industry wants to develop, it must comply with the trend and customize it according to different consumer groups and different personality characteristics

key points that wooden door enterprises need to grasp in order to follow the customized development path

customized colors and designs: wooden doors can be customized according to the color samples of customers. Customers are free to choose the design and color of wooden doors. All materials are natural environmental friendly pigments, free of VOC and other harmful volatiles, so that customers can feel at ease

provide unlimited variety of visual effects: draw the wooden door effect drawing according to the design and color ordered by the customer, combined with the scene described by the customer, until it reaches the customer's heart and meets the personalized needs

grasp the future trend: take customization as the purpose, and ensure that it is always in good condition in terms of function, beauty, environmental protection and health

customized marketing: the traditional marketing mode is that enterprises make profits by mass production in order to maximize profits. Customized marketing, on the other hand, is based on customers' orders. It serves customers' individual needs and effectively avoids the accumulation of goods

in a word, the development of customized industry is the mainstream trend of wood door industry in the future. If enterprises want to win in the market competition, they need to keep up with the trend of the times





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