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The color of the sofa is traditional Chinese red, and a piece of furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties style is placed behind it, with calligraphy and painting signed on the blank wall. Because the Chinese style furniture is old-fashioned and lacks modern flavor, it can only be used for decoration in the home

the furniture in the restaurant mostly adopts simple lines. This tough style of decoration is used in space, which not only reflects the practical needs of modern people to pursue a simple life, but also caters to the simple design style of Chinese home furnishings, making the Chinese style more practical

the common Chinese bedding is the shape of four column valance, and there is a top cover on the top of the bed. This simplified Chinese bedding is more modern. The armchair and porcelain soft decoration around the bed also play an important decorative role in the whole Chinese style

the partition windows decorated with roller shutters divide the interior and exterior. The living room with high space and large depth is mainly decorated with wood and bamboo products. This performance of Chinese style makes the whole space tradition modern, and modern is mixed with classical charm

Chinese style furniture is symmetrical and pays attention to cultural connotation. The exquisite wood carving crafts are used to decorate, showing the taste of room matching, and the unique cultural charm reflects the unique charm of Chinese traditional home culture

the carpet in the middle of the living room is like a finished framed calligraphy and painting. With the unfinished works on the bench, there is an atmosphere of scholarly family. The decorations in the space include bird cages, green plants, calligraphy and painting, etc. Although the number is small, it has the effect of making the finishing point in the space





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