Kangnaideng Lanqiao wardrobe settled in Liupanshui

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"White clouds float in the blue sky, and horses run under them." With this moving melody, in this fruitful golden autumn, Conn? LAN Qiao's harvest is also in line with this season. After the successful signing of the contract in Nanning, Guangxi, today in the hinterland of Guizhou,

"white clouds float in the blue sky, and horses run under the white clouds, waving whips to the four directions." With this moving melody, on the occasion of this fruitful golden autumn, the harvest of conneden Lanqiao also coincided with this season. After the successful signing of the contract in Nanning, Guangxi, Liupanshui was added in the hinterland of Guizhou today. President Li, after factory inspection, resolutely chose us conneden Lanqiao. We also firmly believe that we can jointly create a new Xintiandi in western Guizhou, Live up to President Li's trust and trust in us

Liupanshui, also known as the "cool capital of China", is a prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of Guizhou Province, located in western Guizhou. It is a special zone first designated by Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of China's reform and opening up, in the 1960s. The name of the city comes from the first word of the three special zones under its initial jurisdiction, Liuzhi, Panxian and Shuicheng. It is a young industrial city born of the "third line construction". After the withdrawal of the land and the establishment of the city in 1978, the two special zones were abolished as counties, and one has been retained, that is, Liuzhi special zone. At the end of 2013, the city had a land area of 9965 square kilometers, administered four county-level administrative regions, with a permanent population of 2.859 million, and its per capita GDP is second only to Guiyang, the provincial capital

kangnaideng Lanqiao, carrying forward the past and opening up the future, has been adhering to the development concept of building the market with service and maintaining reputation with quality. In 2014, kangnaideng Lanqiao, thanks to the love of all franchisees, has successively added new distributors in Guizhou, Henan, Guangxi and other places, and has also fulfilled the expectations of the public by completing several major special activities for Hexiang board, such as "Hangzhou 4.20 Hexiang board special activities" "Guiyang 9.13 Hexiang board special event", and the upcoming "Hangzhou 11.16 Hexiang board special event" and "Hangzhou 11.16 Hexiang board special event" let us wait and see together and show our style again

"the activity is not the end, but the beginning. Marketing is not the end. We are always on the way." This is the spirit of our Lanqiao people. We believe that our joint efforts will be the original driving force to promote the enterprise to the peak. Let us "always take improving customer satisfaction and protecting the earth's environment as our own responsibility, and uphold the concept of providing customers with healthy and comfortable home life services", Conn é don Lanqiao, lead the fashion and create brilliance in the development of China's home industry

finally, all members of conneden Lanqiao congratulated president Li on joining Liupanshui, and wished president Li a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources





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