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Curtains are a necessity at home, and many citizens like to buy them directly in the market. However, some businesses have set up "consumption traps" in marketing

curtains are a necessity at home, and many citizens like to buy them directly in the market. However, some businesses set “ Consumption trap &rdquo

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cheap main materials and high auxiliary materials

“ My family is a two bedroom house. I made three sets of curtains. Unexpectedly, it cost nearly 3000 yuan. I thought buying a curtain was a matter of hundreds of yuan& rdquo; Ms. Lu called the consumer association to complain. The staff learned through understanding that when she chose curtains, she only asked about the price of cloth, but ignored the price of accessories such as tracks and lace. Therefore, the business grasped the psychology of consumers and quoted the price of main materials very low. Once the curtains are ready and sent to consumers' homes for installation, consumers will find that the total price of curtains quoted by the business is very high. However, the curtain has been made, and the consumer wants to return it, but the merchant does not agree, so he can only lose money in the end

it is understood that the price of curtain fabric is generally calculated in meters. The reporter found in a shop specializing in Korean curtains in curtain city that the fabric of 40-50 yuan per meter, made into the finished curtain of the room, often costs more than 1000 yuan per set of curtains. The salesperson explained, “ To make a set of curtains, we not only need to use cloth, but also need sliding guide rails, lace, hanging ropes, etc. if the prices of accessories are included, this is the price& rdquo;

it is reported that in addition to the fabric of curtains, businesses will calculate all kinds of miscellaneous curtain accessories, such as lace costs 8-12 yuan per meter and cloth belt costs 10-15 yuan per meter. Depending on the quality of the sliding guide rail, the price ranges from 25 yuan per meter to 90 yuan per meter. There is also a metal ring between the fixed curtain and the sliding guide rail, which costs 3-5 yuan each. More than 30 curtains are frequently used in a set. In this way, the auxiliary materials are three times the price of the main materials

additional charge for curtain installation

“ When buying curtains, the agreement did not indicate whether the installation fee was charged, but unexpectedly, the installation workers charged 30-50 yuan for each set of curtains ”, Mr. Wang complained to the staff of the Consumer Association today

it is understood that businesses do not mention the installation charge when selling curtains, but actually charge the installation, support, screws and other fees, which is also a trick used by businesses. If consumers only pay attention to the cost of curtains and ignore the cost of late installation and accessories, they will find that it is too late to pay the cost until the merchants have made and installed the curtains

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