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There are many kinds of wallpapers, and the price difference is also very large. Even some wallpapers that look similar may have a price difference of twoorthree times. How to choose and buy the most suitable and affordable wallpapers? Today's home decoration daily talk about Xiaobian summarized the four major concerns of wallpaper purchase for netizens

focus 1; English packaging is not necessarily an imported product

many consumers have a consumption misunderstanding, thinking that imported Wallpapers must be better than domestic ones, even if the price of imported wallpapers is several times higher, they are still willing to buy them

if you are also such a consumer who blindly trusts imported brands, then you should be careful. Some small manufacturers just catch the psychology of consumers. The packaging of wallpapers is all in English, which makes consumers mistakenly think that these are imported wallpapers, thus raising the price. The reporter found a wallpaper packed in English in a wallpaper shop. Although the salesperson repeatedly stated that it was an imported product, the reporter did not see any instructions about the origin, but the price of this wallpaper is much higher than that of ordinary wallpapers, about 160 yuan per square meter (equivalent to the price of high-end imported Wallpapers). "After these domestic wallpapers are converted into packages, even if they are purchased at the lowest price of authentic imported wallpapers, they are still higher than their own value." Some insiders pointed out that this kind of shoddy practice is the easiest place for consumers to suffer losses

rights protection methods:

the easiest way to identify whether it is imported wallpaper is to ask the merchant for the recent customs declaration, manufacturer authorization and other certificates. The more complicated way is to check the barcode of the wallpaper. The barcode numbers of different places of origin are different

focus 2; The wallpaper at home is a big regret after the decoration of netizen Gracia. What makes him regret is not the wallpaper itself, but the so-called labor and material contracting service provided by wallpaper merchants. He enthusiastically participated in a wallpaper special offer, which was relatively affordable, but the cost of auxiliary materials (glue) and labor costs were severely slaughtered by the merchants. The glue alone cost 200 yuan for two rolls of wallpaper, far higher than the ordinary market price. By the time he understood, the money had been paid

you will find that the labor cost is calculated according to the wallpaper quantity purchased by the owner, rather than the actual construction quantity. If consumers buy more wallpapers, although the whole roll of wallpapers can be returned, some labor costs are not refundable. There are also reasons for merchants to ask consumers to pay twice the construction cost under the pretext of higher construction technology of imported wallpaper. For example, the construction cost of domestic wallpaper is 6 yuan per square meter, while the construction cost of imported wallpaper is 14 yuan per square meter. As for why there is such a great difference in the construction cost between the two kinds of wallpaper, the salesperson said it was not clear, just the store's regulations

rights protection measures:

1 Pay the wallpaper fee in advance, ask the number of labor costs, and then agree that the labor costs will be settled according to the actual construction volume after the construction is completed

2. Glue can be purchased separately on request

focus 3; Wallpaper group purchase should focus on the color difference

like ceramic tiles, different batches of wallpaper also have color differences. This is a problem that many consumers who participate in group buying must pay attention to

a manager who runs a wallpaper shop explained that even if the colors and patterns are the same, if the products are not produced in the same batch, there will be some color deviations, which are generally difficult to detect when buying, and they are often found after being pasted on the wall. Consumers who buy wallpapers in groups patronize bargaining, often ignoring this problem when receiving goods, and it is too late to return them when they want to

rights protection measures

1. Before group buying, first understand the return matters and agree to buy the same batch of products

2. It's best to take the group purchase price directly to the shop to buy wallpaper

focus 4; The purchase quantity of wallpaper is calculated according to the actual area

the measurement method of wallpaper is a little similar to that of cloth. It is calculated by roll, and the specification of a roll is 10 meters × 0.52 (0.53) meters, about 5 square meters. When quoting, the business may tell you how much it costs per square meter, or how much it costs per roll, but most of the sales are sold by roll, and consumers who are not knowledgeable will suffer losses

some netizens told reporters that he only needed to buy 6.3 square meters of wallpaper for the TV background wall. The salesperson of the business told him that if one roll is 5 square meters, he must buy two rolls. This is the industry regulation, otherwise no one will want the cut pieces. A roll of wallpaper with more than 600 yuan is about 120 yuan per square meter. If it is sold according to square meters, the netizen will only spend 720 yuan; If you sell according to the number of volumes, this netizen will spend more than 1200 yuan, which is equivalent to more than 400 yuan

in fact, you can ask, this is not the so-called trade rules, but the sales "skills" of some businesses. If consumers can't buy the whole roll, they can buy the zero cut wallpaper, as long as consumers tell the store the actual length and width of the wall, but consumers should pay attention to whether the whole roll of wallpaper and the zero cut wallpaper belong to the same batch

rights protection method: measure the length and width of the wall before purchasing wallpaper, deduct the area of doors and windows, and try to adjust the appropriate size according to the wallpaper specification to avoid wasting wallpaper

common sense: don't throw away odd wallpaper. It's of great use

wallpapers are generally used more. Don't throw away odd wallpapers as garbage. After some design, you can "work" in many places in your home

for example, if you have a transparent glass vase in your home, cut a piece of wallpaper into a piece of paper about the height of the vase, so that through the crystal of the glass, you can find that the pattern of the wallpaper will be more beautiful

also, you can stick the wallpaper on the table, and then press the glass plate or transparent tablecloth. In this way, your desk will always be the most fashionable, and it will be very compatible with your background wall

if your home is a wallpaper, it can be used as the cover of furniture, books and boxes. Have you noticed? The price of many beautiful boxes sold by IKEA soared because of wearing this "coat". Since there are ready-made materials, why don't you make small things with special effects by yourself





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